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Mitt Admits His Plan Won’t Help The 47%

We’ve all seen the video.  We are all appalled.  We now know what he truly thinks of us: leaches upon the teet of society.  Lazy moochers, who believe we are “victims” who are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”  Yes, the man who is vying for our Presidency holds utter disdain and contempt for almost half of this country.

But, beyond the crude insults and undeniable arrogance, there lies the truth about his economic plan for us.  It was what he said after typecasting Obama supporters as lazy welfare moochers that caught my eye.  He stated, “Forty seven percent of Americans pay no income tax.  So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect.”  He adds, “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”  He then says he needs to concentrate on the “5 to 10 percent in the center,” or the “thoughtful” voters.

In his own words, he says he’s not going to worry about half of his electorate because his message of lowering taxes doesn’t connect with us.  Why would he say that?  Why would he tell this room full of rich donors that his master plan of lowering taxes won’t connect with the 47%?  Did he actually admit that his trickle-down plan won’t really help “those people” so he will just ignore them?  My gosh, I think he did!  He finally admitted, albeit unknowingly, what we have suspected all along.  He finally admitted that his plan won’t really help the middle class like he tells us, but it will bring more wealth and prosperity to those at the highest rungs of society.  He’s not going to worry about the middle because the middle doesn’t matter to him.

We know who the 47% are.  They are the working poor, who may not pay income taxes, but certainly pay payroll taxes, which means they hold jobs.  They are the elderly who have retired from lifelong service and paid their dues and now collect Social Security.  They are hard-working Americans who work low-paying jobs.  They are the poorest of our poor, struggling to get back on their feet after layoffs and unemployment.  They are the vulnerable.  The ones who need the most help.

They are the ones Mitt Romney has been trying to convince, in public at least, that they will prosper under his economic policies.  They are the ones whose questions he has been avoiding regarding specific details of his policies.  They are the distractions in his campaign.  They are Republicans, and Democrats.  They are the ones, in private, he classifies as parasites, and vows to not represent because “they will never learn…”  They are the ones, under his plan, who will be paying more in taxes, and taking less home to their families.  And, the ones he will ignore.

Mitt Romney won’t worry about half of us because his plan doesn’t include half of us.  And since we aren’t his affluent donors and billionaire buddies, he can only pretend to care about our needs.  To most of us, $50,000 is more than one year’s salary, not the price we would pay for a plate of food.  Why would he waste his time on the likes of us?  To him, we are “Those People“, and hence, not worthy of his worry or attention.  We are his Bob Cratchits.  He is our Mr. Burns.

We may not have money to buy his attention, but Mitt Romney forgets we have something more valuable that can’t be bought: OUR VOTE!  On November 6 lets show Mitt Romney that we are “thoughtful” voters and reelect President Obama!


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